What are accommodations?

DRD student at a deskAn academic accommodation is an adjustment to the way a student receives, retains, or demonstrates knowledge to allow them equal access to an education.  Accommodations must be directly linked to the educational limitations or barriers that are directly caused by the disability, diagnosis, or medical condition. 

Accommodations cannot fundamentally change academic requirements for degrees, certificates, programs, courses, or assignments. For a printable student access guide click here.

Students must meet with their Disability Specialist each semester to receive accommodation letters.

Accommodations approved at Santa Rosa Junior College are considered reasonable for specific classes or educational settings at this college and may not apply to other institutions.

If an agreement between the faculty member, DRD professional, and student cannot be reached, the student or faculty member may file an appeal through the procedures set forth in the District Accommodations Policy 8.1.1.


  • For time-sensitive accommodations (sign-language interpreters, audio books, Braille, mobility assistants) meet BEFORE the semester begins to allow time to put them in place for the start of your classes
  • Discuss the accommodations with your instructor at a time when you are able to have a conversation about the accommodations you will be using. Office hours are a good choice
  • If you have a substitute or your instructor is replaced, ensure they have a copy of your accommodations letter.
  • If your accommodations are not in place or are denied, contact your Disability Specialist immediately