Welcome to DRD! We offer an array of services tailored to your individual needs.

A Specialist will be assigned to explore opportunities to support you with your college experience.  

Creating Community: Beginning Fall 2022, we will offer LatinX students the opportunity to gather weekly. Contact Brijit Aleman for more information.


¡Su voz importa!


Alondra is a Studio Arts Major transferring to California State Long Beach.

Through DRD I was able to get extension on my exams or an extra absence if needed without penalty

It just brought me so much comfort to know that I have that to rely on and that my condition won't get in the way of my education



Alex is a transfer student to SFSU with the goal of becoming a teacher for visually impaired and blind students.

"I encourage any students to seek help with the DRD. Go check them out!"



We invite you to our disability resources department, as we offer an abundance of resources that may be helpful for students to thrive in college!

Some student come to us if they're struggling with concentrating or focusing in class.

Our resources may be of support with your educational goals and success here at Santa Rosa Junior College.


¿De Verdad?

  • "Only students who consider themselves “disabled” can receive services through DRD."

    Our services are for students with many different conditions including chronic illness, ADHD, vision or hearing loss, physical pain, migraines, Diabetes and so much more. We also support students with a temporary condition like a broken arm or concussion. If anxiety is making it hard to complete tests on time, or you struggle with concentrating on school work, we can help.

  • "People with disabilities make up a very small percentage of the population."

    Actually, people with disabilities are the largest single minority group in the country. One third of American families include at least one member with a disability. Disability is present in all segments of the population and affects people of all ages, ethnicities and socioeconomic status. At Santa Rosa Junior College, 15% of students receive services through DRD.

  • "Students with Learning Disabilities or ADHD are just lazy or not intelligent."

    Having a learning disability or ADHD doesn’t mean that a student lacks intelligence or doesn't care about school. In fact, learning disabilities are caused by differences in how the brain develops and functions, and students with these challenges often work much harder than their peers in school. Like other invisible disabilities, it can be hard to acknowledge these challenges. Learning strategies and accommodations can help all students thrive in school.

  • "My association with DRD will go on my transcripts and official college records."

    All communication with DRD is confidential and your association with DRD is not recorded on any official college records or transcripts. Your confidentiality extends to your classroom instructors, who will not know the reason for your accommodation without your permission. When you transfer to another college or university, you decide whether or not to receive services at your new school.

  • "Accommodations give students with disabilities an unfair advantage and should be reserved for the most severely disabled students."

    Some people believe that if a student with a disability receives an accommodation, such as extra time for exams, they are getting an unfair advantage. Students may feel that they don’t deserve an accommodation or that they don’t want to take away resources from other students. Accommodations, which are free and available to all eligible students, level the playing field. Accommodations ensure that everyone has the access they need to do their best. They are not a courtesy- they are a civil right.

  • "People with disabilities always need help."

    Many students learn strategies for being successful independently, or may need help in only certain types of classes. Students meet with their specialist and discuss what accommodations, if any, are needed for each class based on their unique situation.

  • "Only students taking credit classes are eligible for DRD support."

    Services are available for students at all campuses, and for credit as well as non-credit classes. This includes students taking non-credit ESL at SRJC Roseland. Accommodations are also available to provide access to tutoring, clubs, sporting events and other campus activities.