Disability Specialist

Eligible students will be assigned a Disability Specialist.

DRD students are encouraged to meet with their Disability Specialist at least three times per semester for specialized advising and disability management:

  1.    At the beginning of the semester to request and set up your accommodations,
  2.    Mid-semester to discuss your progress, and
  3.    At the end of the semester to discuss how the semester went and to plan your next semester.

Your Disability Specialist may help with items such as:

  • Authorizing/Updating Academic Accommodations
  • Assisting with classroom/instructor issues
  • Planning your classes/schedules
  • Unit equivalency for EOPS or Medical Insurance
  • Strategies for disability management
  • Admissions & Records Petitions
  • Referrals to college & community resources

Of course, any time you have questions or concerns, you may meet with your Disability Specialist as needed.

DRD Counseling

Academic Counseling is also available in DRD.

DRD students may schedule appointments to meet with a DRD Counselor to:

  • Create/Update education plans
  • Get assistance with Financial Aid appeals
  • Create Financial Aid education plans
  • Discuss graduation or transfer requirements
  • Get assistance with Probation/Dismissal status
  • Get assistance with Academic/ Progress Renewal and other petitions

Please contact our front desk to schedule appointments.