In-Person Accommodated Testing

No advance notice is needed.

New locations at each campus.

All test proctoring must be completed Monday-Thursday 9:00am - 3:00pm.

For Finals Week only: Monday - Thursday 8:30am - 4:30pm.

Testing Locations:

     PLOVER HALL: Room 558 (Santa Rosa Campus)
     CALL BUILDING: Room 696 (Petaluma Campus)

What’s Changed?

  • No advance notice is needed.
  • No triplicate forms to complete.
  • New locations at each campus.

NEW PROCESS: Spring 2022

  1. Faculty member receives the Authorization for Academic Accommodations letter with testing accommodation parameters.
  2. DRD student informs faculty that they intend to use accommodation/s for an upcoming exam.
  3. Faculty member chooses the date and time DRD will proctor the exam.
  4. Faculty member informs the student that DRD will proctor the exam in:
    • PLOVER HALL - ROOM 558 (Santa Rosa Campus)
    • CALL BUILDING – ROOM 696 (Petaluma Campus)
  5. Faculty member indicates test guidelines by completing the information on the Testing Parameters form.
  6. Faculty member supplies exam to DRD by:
    • bringing a hard copy of the exam to the testing room before the start of the exam.   
    • leaving a hard copy of the exam in the main office of Plover/Call in the DRD EXAM DROP-OFF mailbox.
    • sending the student with the exam in an envelope at the time of the exam.
    • e-mailing the exam to the day before the exam.
  7. Faculty member retrieves completed exam from the main office of Plover/Call in the DRD COMPLETED EXAMS mailbox.

We are delighted to provide this service to all DRD students with testing accommodations taking in-person classes. Remote proctoring will continue for students taking online courses.

Thank you for working with us to make the process easy for SRJC students.