Dear Faculty Colleagues,

The Testing & Support Services office of the Disability Resources Department is pleased to share that in-person proctored testing for DRD students with testing accommodations will be open for service as of Wednesday, September 15th.  We will provide test proctoring Monday through Thursday, 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM.


What’s Changed?

  • No advance notice is needed.
  • No triplicate forms to complete.
  • New locations at each campus.


  1. Faculty member receives the Authorization for Academic Accommodations letter with testing accommodation parameters.
  2. DRD student informs faculty that they intend to use accommodation/s for an upcoming exam.
  3. Faculty member chooses the date and time DRD will proctor the exam.
  4. Faculty member informs the student that DRD will proctor the exam in:
    • KUNDE HALL - ROOM 203 (Santa Rosa Campus)
    • CALL BUILDING – ROOM 696 (Petaluma Campus)
  5. Faculty member indicates test guidelines by completing the information on the Testing Parameters form.
  6. Faculty member supplies exam to DRD by:
    • bringing a hard copy of the exam to the testing room before the start of the exam.   
    • leaving a hard copy of the exam in the main office of Kunde/Call in the DRD EXAM DROP-OFF mailbox.
    • sending the student with the exam in an envelope at the time of the exam.
    • e-mailing the exam to the day before the exam.
  7. Faculty member retrieves completed exam from the main office of Kunde/Call in the DRD COMPLETED EXAMS mailbox.

We are delighted to provide this service to all DRD students with testing accommodations taking classes on campus.  Remote proctoring will continue for students taking online courses.

Thank you for working with us to make the process easy for SRJC students.