Transition to College (TC)

Transition to College (TC) is a program that supports high school seniors with disabilities as they transition from high school to college. We work with students throughout their senior year of high school to:

  • learn about services from the Disability Resources Department
  • get information about being a student at SRJC
  • develop an education plan
  • be eligible to REGISTER EARLY for summer and fall classes

Important COVID-19 Information:

Due to COVID-19 impacts, SRJC is implementing some changes in our service delivery model. This means that for the foreseeable future, all of our student contacts (intakes, advising, etc.) will take place either over the phone or via video conference (Zoom). The situation is evolving, and we will do our best to advise future SRJC (Transition to College ) students as they plan for summer and/or fall. Our priority for the next several weeks will be to assist our current students as they work to complete the semester via remote instruction.

We will do our best to schedule welcome appointments with our high school seniors, but it may be difficult to do this in as timely a manner as we would like. We ask that you are patient with us, and you may also be able to find immediate answers to your questions via our SRJC website.

For short video tutorials about completing your SRJC application, registering for classes, using Canvas and using Zoom:

For the current schedule of classes you can check:

For updates on priority registration check:

One of the steps that TC students can do now is complete the online orientation or take a COUN 270 class. Information about orientation options can be found here:

Another step to earn priority registration is the completion of an education plan. This would typically be completed in your welcome appointment with your Disability Specialist, but this may be difficult to accomplish prior to the registration date. Students have the option to make a remote appointment to develop an education plan with a SRJC counselor, and can schedule this through the student cubby under “appointments”.

If students are unable to complete the steps for priority registration, it does NOT mean that they can’t register for a semester. It just means that they won’t have Priority 1 registration. Registration is open until classes are full, or once the semester has started and it is too late to add due to missed instruction.

For questions about the Transition to College Program, you may contact Andrea Alexander (Santa Rosa campus) at or Amy LaCasse (Petaluma campus) at

We look forward to connecting with you soon.

In order to participate in our Transition to College program, you need to submit a Request for Services and Authorization for Release of Information form along with your current IEP or 504 plan to our Disability Resources office. You can download the required paperwork for the Transition to College program here. The sooner we get connected with you during your senior year, the better! Here is a recommended timeline of important dates to follow during your senior year:

Transition to College Timeline


The most comprehensive way to get information from our Transition to College program is through our online course system, Canvas. Click here to be redirected to Canvas.

For additional information about the Transition to College program, you can check our Frequently Asked Questions.

You can also contact us at:

Santa Rosa Campus:
Andrea Alexander
(707) 872-7088 (Voice or Text)

Petaluma Campus:
Amy LaCasse
(707) 347-9817 (Voice or Text)

Here are some additional resources for students preparing to attend college: