NEW: If you would like information regarding in-person proctored testing, please visit this page: DRD Accommodated Testing

DRD Services and Accommodations:

Testing Services:


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In Class:

  • It is advised to take your exam in or near your classroom if your instructor can provide the accommodations. This way you will have access to the instructor if you have questions.
  • If the instructor cannot provide the accommodation, you may take the exam in DRD Testing.

At DRD Testing Office:

  • If you are approved for extra time on exams, try to schedule classes so you can start your exams at the same time as your class and use your extended time without impacting another class.
  • If you have questions about the test, we will try to contact the instructor for clarification.
  • You must turn in the Test Request Form to DRD Support Services at least 7 days prior to the date of the exam and three (3) weeks before the date of the final.
  • The form must be complete and signed by your instructor.
  • Arrive promptly on the date of your exam.
  • Bring all necessary materials.
  • Only approved items are allowed in testing – all phones, food and other belongings are placed in lockers.
  • Students caught cheating will have their instructor and Disability Specialist notified. It is your instructor’s decision whether or not to proceed with the disciplinary process.


  • Write or type information dictated by you if you have limited use of your hands, limited vision, or documented print disabilities severely impacting the ability to write.
  • May not help with proof reading or editing your work.
  • May not correct spelling errors unless the instructor has given prior authorization for use of a spell checker or dictionary.


  • Read aloud written materials if you have limited vision or documented print disabilities.
  • May not provide answers or offer clarification or interpretation of a question or concept. If you have a question during an exam in DRD, ask the Support Services Specialist who will assist in contacting the instructor.

Transcribers and Readers may not provide answers, or give clarification or interpretation of a question or concept.

 Please note: The Testing Center is now located in Plover Hall, Room 559.  We look forward to working with you to support the success of SRJC’s students.