Student Incidents

All students, regardless of disability, must adhere to the Student Code of Conduct. Our District has protocols in place to respond to student incidents (see below). If the student has presented you with an Accommodation Letter, it may also be helpful to contact the Disability Specialist indicated.

Laws related to students with disabilities and discipline.

Who to contact for student incidents:

Disruptive Behavior: Consult with the Crisis Intervention Resource Team (CIRT) member and/or department chair to plan intervention, which may include 2 class suspension and referral to Conduct Dean.

Distressed Student: Refer student to Student Psychological Services, and/or consult with CIRT member.

Threatening/Dangerous Student (Includes danger to self): Contact District Police at (707) 527-1000 and report to your cluster dean and the Conduct Dean. Also report to CIRT member for tracking.

Contact CIRT for more information.