Information For Faculty Teaching C2C Students


  • C2C students are students who have identified clear career and technical education goals.
  • C2C students are also motivated learners and workers who bring with them to the classroom the support of the C2C Program and its staff.
  • Working with C2C students is a dynamic and collaborative process; instructors have a wealth of resources available to them to enhance the success of not only the C2C student, but their nondisabled peers in class as well.

Role of the Student Success Coach in the Classroom

The role of the Student Success Coach is highly individualized by student and instructional program need. Coaches are available to provide a variety of supports including:

  • Identifying skills and tasks students need to learn or improve
  • Facilitating communication between students and their instructors and peers
  • Assisting instructors in giving students performance feedback
  • Augmenting curriculum as is appropriate for students and their learning needs and employment goal
  • Overseeing the implementation of academic accommodations
  • Fading educational supports as is appropriate
  • Communicating with instructors and program staff regarding student performance and progress