Information for Employers Hiring C2C Students



  • Among the foremost benefits of hiring C2C students is their strong motivation and skills.
  • As workers, they have received quality Career and Technical Education and training at Santa Rosa Junior College.
  • While enrolled at SRJC, C2C students have a team of educational professionals that supports them in pursuit and achievement of their career goals.
  • C2C staff members work closely with employers to identify needed supports, and then help transition C2C workers from using support methods to becoming fully independent and skilled employees.


Student Success Coaches are available to students for on-the-job training and support. This not only ensures students’ successful transition to the world of work, but also provides employers with the assistance they need to feel confident that their new employees are equipped to perform job tasks and duties with competence and understanding.

The role of the Student Success Coach is highly individualized by student and employer need. Coaches are available to provide a variety of supports including:

  • Identifying skills and tasks students need to learn or improve
  • Providing on the job training
  • Facilitating communication between students and their employers and coworkers
  • Assisting employers in giving students job performance feedback
  • Identifying and implementing work place accommodations
  • Fading vocational supports as is appropriate
  • Communicating with employers and program staff regarding student performance and progress