Access Technology Center (ATC)

Equipment Loans through the Disability Resources Department

Equipment Loans are available for SRJC students who have received an equipment referral from their Disability Specialist and who are currently enrolled in classes. Examples of equipment include recording devices, assistive listening devices, magnifiers and more. To learn more, please scroll down for descriptions and instructional videos. 

Equipment is available on both the Santa Rosa and Petaluma Campuses starting one week prior to the first day of classes. 

Students will receive a message in their student portal or via email starting two weeks prior to the semester start date with information about how to place an equipment loan request via the web, email or phone.

We will confirm availability and email the student to schedule their pick up date, time and location.

If you have not yet received a request form link, please call or email us and we will send that to you via email or we can assist you over the phone. 

Santa Rosa Campus:
Tel: (707) 527-4890

Petaluma Campus:
Tel: (707) 778-2491

Equipment Loans are for one semester only.

For terms and conditions of equipment loans at SRJC, please view our DRD Equipment Rentals Agreement.

Laptops, Hotspots, Headset and Calculator Loans are available through the SRJC Library. Requests can be placed online through the SRJC Library Curbside Services or by contacting the DRD Front Desk or your Disability Specialist.

ATC Recording Devices

Recording must be approved by your Disability Specialist as an academic accommodation and is only permitted for the lecture portion of class.  It is not permitted during classroom discussions. 

Livescribe Echo Smart Pen 

The Livescribe Echo Smart Pen is a recording device that syncs your written notes with audio input.  Students can play back the audio by simply touching on their written notes from the lecture that day.  

Livescribe Echo Smart Pen Demonstration Video:

Olympus Digital Recorder

The Olympus Digital Recorder is a recording device that you can use to record your lectures using a high quality microphone.  There is a calendar feature that helps you to find your lecture and play back the audio from that day.

Olympus Digital Recorder Demonstration Video:

There are also many good recording apps for Android and Apple devices.  During your ATC intake appointment please ask for recommendations specific to your device.

Assistive Listening Devices (ALD)

Comek Assistive Listening Device

The Comtek Assistive Listening Device is for Deaf/Hard of Hearing students.  This device uses a microphone and transmitter to send amplified audio to the wearer via a headset or wireless connection to hearing aids. 

Assistive Listening Device Demonstration Video:



Ruby Magnifier

The Ruby Magnifier for students with Visual Impairment. Students place the device over printed material and the Ruby device will magnify and provide a variety of color contrast options to enhance visibility of the document.

Ruby Magnifier Demonstration Video: (coming soon)