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Welcome to The Disability Resources Department!

The Disability Resources Department (DRD) facilitates equal access for qualified students to community college education through services, academic accommodations and educational assistance courses in accordance with state and federal law. Students with verified disabilities are encouraged to request services through this department. Services include specialized academic advising focusing on individual abilities and limitations, disability management, and access technology. Qualified students may be authorized to receive academic accommodations including extra time for exams, mobility assistants, sign language interpreters or note takers. Limited learning disability evaluations may be available to students who are enrolled in a program of study at Santa Rosa Junior College. See schedule of classes for DRD course offerings.

Verified Disabilities served include but are not limited to:

• Acquired brain injury
• Attention deficit disorder
• Chronic illnesses including HIV
• Chronic pain disorders
• Deaf/hard of hearing
• Diabetes
• Intellectual disability
• Learning disability
• Mental Health disability
• Physical disability
• Seizure disorders
• Temporary disabilities/Injuries
• Visual disability