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Welcome to The Disability Resources Department!

We work collaboratively with faculty to ensure appropriate implementation of academic accommodations. Please contact us if you need assistance with classroom accommodations or guidance to refer students to DRD.

DRD staff are available to provide information about our program and services to faculty at Department meetings, 1:1 meetings with faculty, or in any of your classes.

As a faculty member you are responsible for allowing auxiliary aids and/or assisting with the implementation of academic accommodations to students who have been authorized by DRD. Federal and State laws, Ed Code and District Policy 8.1.1 guide our process. You are not under any obligation to provide a student accommodations unless they have been authorized by DRD.

Students who have registered with us will present a letter to you that describes the accommodations they are authorized to receive for your class. Students are expected to give you the letter prior to the need for the accommodation and are asked to work with you to implement their accommodations. If you have questions and/or concerns about an accommodation, please contact the Disability Specialist listed on the Accommodation Letter.

Here is a “Quick Start Guide”, to get you started.

We look forward to working with you to support the success of SRJC’s students.