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What is the College to Career (C2C) program?

The College to Career Program is a three-year program designed to help students, with intellectual disabilities and/or autism, obtain employment in Sonoma County and in the career area of their choice. 

The C2C program at SRJC is one of eight such programs in the State of California and partners with the California Department of Rehabilitation and Regional Centers of California.

Admission is a competitive process and C2C only accepts about 20 new students annually. Students who seek admission to C2C are required to submit an application and attend an interview with our C2C Coordinator. 


C2C Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs):
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to access appropriate Santa Rosa Junior College support services and classes.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to access appropriate Sonoma County support services and resources.
  • Students will identify their employment support needs and implement a plan to address them.
  • Students will pursue and/or maintain employment in a specific career in which they have received postsecondary education and training.


C2C Instructional Program:

C2C is a three-year program designed to address specific areas of focus each year

Click this link for: program overview and applicant criteria 


Year 1 - College, Community & Career Support Exploration

  • Orientation to Santa Rosa Junior College and its student resources
  • Orientation to and exploration of community resources
  • Career Exploration/identification of employment support needs

Year 2 - Career and Technical Training & Work Experience

  • Development of skills that increase success at work
  • Work experience in at least one Career and Technical area
  • Participation in Career and Technical training courses as is appropriate to students' individual employment goals

Year 3 - Supported Employment in the Community

  • Job training and/or placement in the community related to on campus work experience from year two
  • Participation in Career and Technical Education and training courses as is appropriate to students’ individual employment goals
  • Connect with community vocational support agencies, such as the Department of Rehabilitation


Comparing Programs

Many individuals, exploring their options after high school, find the following chart helpful to compare the College to Career Program, a transition program, and a day program:

Comparing Various Programs


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